The  b‚Äčest  care  for  your  pets

Home Care

We offer our canine friends a service dedicated to their happiness and well-being, whilst providing a home in home experience. We want them to be as comfortable as possible, so that you can relax without worry whilst you are away. We give our special friends lots of loving care and attention, everything we do and offer far surpasses what is offered in traditional kennels. Our philosophy is that your dog is part of the family, every dog is treated as if it were our own. 

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With all our services we offer an Initial No Obligation Consultation - Free of Charge. It enables us to meet and understand your requirements and that of your pet(s). We will try to accommodate almost anything that you and your pet need.

Your expectations are important to us so please feel free to ask any questions. We will talk about your pet in some detail to achieve the appropriate provision you and your pet require.

Dog Walking

BarkLess WagMore  believes a well exercised dog is a happy dog. We aim to provide a service that complements that belief. We can tailor walks to your dogs needs. We take care of dogs in all shapes and sizes, from puppies on their first walks through to the elderly or infirm dogs who need shorter slower walks. We carry first aid kits to ensure we are prepared for any eventuality.

Day Care

Our day care provides loads of love, care and attention. Day care is a great solution for those who have busy schedules, are working or have an event or appointment to attend. We offer flexibility from between 2 and 10 hours; you can look after your dog for one day or several. Depending upon the length of the care and your wishes we will feed and walk your dog.

Home Visits/Pet Feeding

For those pets that don't leave the home and prefer their own environment or are suffering/recovering from ill health we can visit your home. We will feed, play and attend to the needs of your pets as per your instruction.

Pet Taxi

If you need transport to get your pet to the vet, the groomer or indeed anywhere, our pet taxi service can help. We can either collect you and your pet or just your pet - we offer a chaperone service call for details - and drive you to your destination and of course return you home again if you wish.

We offer safe comfortable passage with secure harness or secure cage; all are well maintained, hygienic and sanitised after each use. We always carry water for the journey.

We are very aware that some animals are nervous travellers, it is our priority to transport you and your pet with safety and care.

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